Building the foundation for real world adoption of Oracles and DeFi

The Mission

To provide truly decentralized, transparent, secure and precise oracle solutions for all off-chain data, on-chain.

What is the objective of Modefi?

It's clear that the blockchain / crypto space has gone through some growing pains over the past few years, majority of the concerns have risen even just in the past several months. One issue that keeps arising time and time again is the potential for exploits and hacks within the existing Defi space. While there is no bullet proof be all end all solution, there are ways to mitigate risk and potential losses.

Oracle manipulation has been one of the biggest culprits when it comes to contract and Defi hacks. Protocols are exposing their users to potentially massive risks when relying on centralized or single data point oracles within their eco-systems.

See History of Oracle Based Hacks / Exploits for more details on just a few of the most recent cases.

Modefi's Oracle Solution Suite will help Defi protocols reduce the potential of putting their users hard earned capital at risk due to unforeseen circumstances.

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