Once a dataset is open and ready for data any user who is staked for the dataset may send in what they believe to be the data. Once data has been sent in for a dataset, any other user who is staked may either send in an endorsement of the data that was already sent in, or they may send in their own data if they believe the existing data is incorrect. Any data that is sent in can even be endorsed if a dispute occurs, to prevent the data from having to be ever sent in twice. The Algorithms section will cover providing, endorsing, and consensus in detail. This section provides an overview of the ‘what’, whereas the Algorithms section will go deeper into the ‘why’.

We’ll start off with what users can do with their accounts, then discuss staking and the options that are available for when things go wrong, next we’ll discuss providing and endorsing data, and, finally, we’ll end with post-validation actions.

Account Management

Staking (and Unstaking)

Data Endorsement



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