Staking on Fantom

Q: Where's the best place to get started with staking?


Q: What networks are supported?

A: Currently staking is available on the Binance Smart Chain and Fantom Network

Q: How do I transfer my MOD from Ethereum to Fantom?

A: Follow the steps in this article -

Q: I sent my MOD tokens from Ethereum to Fantom, but now my balance shows 0?

A: First off, make sure you are connected to the Fantom Network on Metamask (see below). Next make sure you have added the proper token address for MOD on the Fantom Network.

Fantom network $MOD contract address


Q: How do I connect to the Modefi Staking Dashboard?

A: Visit and be sure to have your Metamask wallet on the Fantom Network and select Fantom Network Staking.

Q: How do I connect to the Fantom network on Metamask?

A: For mobile users you can use this website And for the desktop users you can use this website Search FTM and press add to Metamask. Be aware there are some known issues with trying to stake using Metamask mobile, for the best experience please use Metamask Desktop / Chrome.

Q: How long will staking last?

A: Current staking is a total duration of 30 days starting from March 31st. More pools will be added after each period has ended.

Q: What are the staking rewards for the 30 day period?

A: Single sided MOD pool - 12,000 MOD Anyswap MOD/FTM LP pool - 30,000 MOD

Q: Can I unstake at any time?

A: No, all staked are locked until the timer on the staking dashboard reaches 0.

Q: How do I calculate my rewards for the 30 day period?

A: (Your stake / total staked) * reward amount Example:

You stake 3000 MOD

Total amount staked 300000 MOD

3000 / 300000 = 1%

1% of 12,000 MOD rewards = 120 MOD

Q: Is there a staking fee?

A: All transaction fees require the use of FTM, similar to how the Ethereum network uses ETH for gas. Join our telegram and DM either @Cryptoi0 , @N4SH3R or @Limth for some FTM to get started.

Q: What are the token contract addresses?

A: Ethereum Network $MOD contract address 0xea1ea0972fa092dd463f2968f9bb51cc4c981d71

Fantom Network $MOD contract address 0xe64b9fd040d1f9d4715c645e0d567ef69958d3d9

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