Token Utility

On-Demand Oracle Validation

In order to participate as a validator on the On-demand Oracle network users must bond their MOD tokens as collateral.

On-Demand Oracle Deployment

When an end user or developer deploys a new oracle contract, the fees to implement the contract will be collected in MOD tokens


Governance is an important part of the truly decentralized eco-system being built. The MOD token will be used for the Modefi DAO for important decision making and development

DeFi Dashboard Subscription

MOD token will be the main payment token for subscription services used within the Modefi DeFi Dashboard

Oracle Marketplace Fees

MOD tokens will be used to pay fees within the oracle marketplace

Token Staking

Staking MOD tokens allows users a way to put their long term holdings to work for them

Liquidity Mining

MOD holders will be eligible to receive rewards by providing liquidity to AMM MOD pools, such as Uniswap and Balancer

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